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About Melanie's amazing journey as Young CHRLY 2021

My name is Melanie Wennberg, I am 25 years old. I am originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands but moved to Brussels almost 7 years ago now. In September I started at Fujitsu as a Project Manager and I also entered the graduate program.

Why did you apply for a graduate role at Fujitsu?

Melanie: In University I studied Art and Archaeology and afterwards Politics, and I wanted a completely new challenge, and this I found in Fujitsu. During my search I mostly looked at international compagnies that offered a kind of traineeship or graduate program, and for me Fujitsu’s international one spoke to me the most. Further, working as a Project Manager in an IT company just sounded very interesting and challenging. IT and technology are becoming more and more important in the world, and I felt that by working at Fujitsu I could really be a part of this process.

What does you day-to-day role look like?

Melanie: As a Project Manager I feel like everyday is different, and you experience new challenges all the time. But this is something I especially like about the job; it keeps it very interesting! For the moment I am mostly involved in projects in the ServiceNow Micro-Enterprise. In the projects I am in contact with a lot of different people from the client sides, but also my colleagues. Further I keep track of the project timeline, financials, milestones, and many more aspects. In the end its all about delivering a quality project!

What opportunities have you been given?

Melanie: From the start on I have been given so many opportunities to work on different things and really improve myself. I got a lot of training opportunities, such as the training to become a Scrum Master but also for example a training about IT Security Administration. In this role I really get the opportunity to expand my horizon and get a taste of a lot of different things that we are working on in the company.

As mentioned, I am now mostly involved in the ServiceNow Micro-Enterprise, but I do get the option to also explore others such as Cybersecurity. I was even involved in the CyberSec Event in Brussels this May!

Since I have a political background, I also was a bit involved in some things involving the European Institutions, which was very interesting. And, next to my own role as a Project Manager, I got the opportunity to work as a Service Delivery Manager for one of our clients to see how I like that role as well.

Why do you enjoy working for Fujitsu?

Melanie: In this short period that I have worked at Fujitsu I already got so many opportunities and responsibilities. I feel like I really have ownership of my own career and get the chance to explore what fits me best. There are a lot of trainings to help you grow and learn new things everytime.

Next to this, Fujitsu is a very human-centered company, there is a very good work-life balance with a lot of options to work from home, and even abroad. I also have the feeling that my colleagues are very happy to help me out with something I have an issue, which makes you feel very comfortable to also ask things.

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