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About Elena's amazing journey as Young CHRLY 2021

My name is Elena Vizcayno and I’m a 27 years old Spanish living in Brussels! I joined the Graduate scheme in September 2021 as a Project Manager, and I currently work in several projects within the different Micro-Enterprises as well as an internal one.

Why did you apply for a graduate role at Fujitsu?

Elena: After finishing my master, I wanted to work for an internationally known company with a Graduate scheme because I thought that it would be a great way to get my working career started. Even though Fujitsu is not the only company that offers this kind of schemes, I wanted to be part of the amazing transformation the world is experiencing, with technology as a driver of these changes, and in Fujitsu this aims could become true.

It also has a great company culture, putting the customer in the center of everything and driving its core activities with values I feel identified with, such as empathy and trust.

What does your day-to-day role look like?

Elena: My day-to-day role as Project Manager in Fujitsu is very exciting since I get to work very closely with my colleagues as well as with our customers and all the different stakeholders involved. Managing projects means that I work on finances as well as on timelines and risks, assuring we meet the requirements of the project as well as the expectations of the client.
Almost every day in the life of a project manager is different, which makes it even more interesting!

What opportunities have you been given?

Elena: Even though I joined Fujitsu not long time ago, I’ve already had the opportunity to get involved with lots of different activities, both inside and outside my main role.

I’ve gotten involved in the different Micro-Enterprises, going from Digital Transformation to Application and Multi-cloud services, as well as cybersecurity. In this regard, I will soon participate in the largest cybersecurity event in Europe!

There are also many extra opportunities I could take part in, such as volunteering work in a shelter for Ukrainian Refugees, where Fujitsu is collaborating as a partner, or serving as a facilitator in co-creation workshops with Business School Students.

Why do you enjoy working for Fujitsu?

Elena: I like working for Fujitsu because since the beginning I’ve been given ownership of my career and my development. I was given the opportunity to draw my working path taking into account my interests and career goals.

Within a short time period, I was given responsibilities and was trusted to deliver within a project, all with having the support of the Fujitsu colleagues, who are always willing to give a hand if needed!

There are also many opportunities within the company to grow, and as Fujitsu touches a lot of different sectors, there is always a new challenge or something to learn.

I also think that Fujitsu is a truly flexible company, work life balance is great, and I can either work on the office or work from home.

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