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Trying out an employer before you join a company? At CHRLY, you can!

Recruitment has always been a challenging business, especially in 2021. The job market has been under severe pressure for years and the war for talent is still raging. In this environment, the new IT recruitment agency CHRLY is experimenting with a different approach. Instead of only trying to fill in vacancies with candidates who have the right resume, CHRLY starts from people’s interests and ambitions to find a lasting match.

Technologies are developing at lightning speed, and companies need to anticipate this by finding the profiles that will help them prepare for the future. Organizations are particularly looking for people with knowledge and skills in ServiceNow, cloud architecture, and security. Of course, most employers would like to put their fate in the hands of employees who have at least a few years of experience. But at the same time, they need those young talents who have skills to implement new technologies. Finding the right balance is really important for any successful business.

The role of IT in a company has also changed a lot in recent years. Not long ago, an IT department’s main job was to make sure that everything worked as it should. Nowadays, those companies expect IT to think along and drive innovation. Think about the use of data and AI, and associated challenges such as data security and everything around GDPR regulations. To find candidates who can provide this support now and in the future, CHRLY believes you need to collect a lot more information that cannot be derived from a traditional resume.


The human approach

To find candidates who can provide the right support for a company now and in the future, CHRLY is convinced that you need a lot of information that cannot be derived from a traditional resume. This is precisely why we value a human approach. Of course, you probably hear many organizations say they put people first, but we actually mean it. When you contact CHRLY to apply for a job, our professional recruiters start with a thorough screening to understand your level of maturity and see if there is cultural match with one of the companies in our job listing.

Many people accept a job because they have a good feeling about it. Some agencies are satisfied by this and send out a candidate to figure out for themselves if they have found their dream job. Our recruiters, on the other hand, will be honest when they see a gap between your current skills and the ones requested by an employer. Because if so, we know we can find you something better.


Try & Hire

A new approach requires new services. Try & Hire gives candidates a unique opportunity to get to know an employer. You are hired on a temporary basis and after a year the company can decide to give you a permanent contract. It is a great way to discover whether there is a cultural fit with the organization and whether all expectations are met. If not, you will at least have learned a lot about where you want to go as a next step in your career.

By the way, maybe you are not interested in a permanent contract? No worries, CHRLY knows that freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. So we have a lot of fascinating temporary projects for professionals too. And of course, we use the same human method to find you the perfect job.


Kickstart your career

Young potentials often hear they have not enough experience for a job. But as we mentioned above, new talent has a lot of valuable insights about emerging technologies. When people lack the experience companies are looking for, we let these rough diamonds accompany one of our more senior profiles. There they can learn and simultaneously enrich their colleagues with their own refreshing ideas.

To help you find the perfect first job, our recruiters take time to listen and outline a training path. Did you know that CHRLY was founded from Fujitsu Belgium? This company is known for its product portfolio and infrastructure. This means that young potentials – and more experienced job seekers as well – can benefit from a powerful ecosystem and network of professionals. CHRLY’s teams is able to identify key technologies and provide the coaching you need to be successful.


Ready for your next job?

At CHRLY, we have a lot of ambitions but one really stands out: helping people find pleasure in their work. So, why not come by for a cup of coffee so we can see how can boost your career?

Visit our website if you want to discover more. And be sure to follow CHRLY on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.


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