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What jobs you can do with blockchain skills (and why are these worth doing)

Looking for a career in a relatively new IT domain? Blockchain made a splash as the backbone of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but has since gone its own way. This results in numerous new applications in various industries.

Blockchain, the word has been going around for a while. Since 2008 to be precise. It was a time when confidence in the banking industry was at a low level after an economic crisis. That’s why Satochi Nakamoto came up with a decentralized solution to manage money. The name is a pseudonym for an individual (or a group of people) whose identity we still do not know. The first blockchain database went hand in hand with the rise of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This was a revolution for the financial world, because for the first time we could pay electronically without a central authority.

New applications with blockchain

More than a decade later, blockchain has many other applications. Various industries are exploring the possibilities of the technology. In concrete terms, it enables users to jointly maintain a database of transactions. Blockchain is a network of building blocks that each contain data about the previous block and cannot be modified without the entire network collapsing. In other words, it is virtually impossible to cheat with blockchain.

In finance, this reduces the need for intermediaries, making transactions faster and cheaper. In healthcare, blockchain can help to manage medical information and ensure patient privacy. And in the supply chain, the technology ensures that managers can efficiently track the movement of goods from producer to end customer. In each of these examples, blockchain provides greater transparency and security.

Yet after all these years, blockchain is still in its infancy. Scalability and interoperability are particularly challenging. For this reason, many organizations are looking for people with knowledge and skills to shape their blockchain activities.

What can you do with blockchain skills?

There is no doubt that blockchain is one of the most relevant and in-demand skills today. Depending on your skillset, we see a wide range of opportunities to get started with blockchain. Let’s pick out a few roles:

  • Blockchain Engineer
    As the name suggests, this person is crucial to developing and maintaining blockchain technology. A blockchain engineer designs and builds networks and algorithms, and ensures they are secure, efficient, and scalable. It goes without saying that you need good knowledge of programming languages (such as Python and Java), but your job responsibilities go far beyond writing code. For example, you also need a deep understanding of the business before you can develop a blockchain solution.
  • Blockchain Developer
    While there are similarities between the work of a blockchain engineer and developer, a developer is primarily concerned with writing the underlying code for blockchain. Whereas an engineer takes care of the network, as a developer your focus is more on the application layer. Both roles require good knowledge of distributed systems and cryptography.
  • Blockchain Architect
    As a blockchain architect, you work closely with the developers of blockchain applications. You are responsible for the architecture and ensure the practical implementation of their developments. You define the roadmap for other teams to follow, building a solid and efficient blockchain infrastructure for the future growth of your organization.

Beyond these responsibilities, blockchain underlies even more roles in companies. From project managers to UX designers and even legal experts watching over blockchain adoption. What once started as an idea in Satochi Nakamoto’s head will grow into a business with unique career opportunities in the coming years. With many great benefits such as lucrative pay, the ability to continue learning, and opportunities to contribute to all kinds of technological innovations.

Does blockchain hold no secrets for you? Or are you looking for another great IT job where you can make a difference. Then be sure to check out our job openings!